Pauline Peterson | Graphic web designer


Bonjour ! My name is Pauline and I’m French (so Pardon my English).

When I was 12, I read the book “Palomino” from Daniel Steel, telling the story of a woman who was an artistic director. I decided that I will have an advertising career too! After 5 years studying print and web design in a Superior Art School and at the University of Caen (France), I realized my dream. I’m now a graphic designer for +10 years and still totally in love with my job.

2 years ago I became a digital nomad for being able to travel and work in a same time. My Macbook and I explored and lived in 10 different countries: Thailand, Turkey, Bali, Colombia, Japan, Myanmar, Canada, Vietnam, Hawa├»… I’m now based in Santa Rosa, California.

My resume on Linkedin

I like


Flat design

Scuba diving

I'm good for

Bringing people together

Organizing trips

Drinking wine

Bucket list

Visiting Australia

Diving with Manta Ray

Raising hens


Tech skills

Adobe Creative Suite